Predict. Design. Optimize.
Reduce concrete cost and embodied carbon by artificial intelligence

Predict. Design. Optimize.

Reduce concrete cost and embodied carbon by artificial intelligence

Prediction of concrete performance
Prediction of concrete performance

Concrete-AI predicts the performance of concrete as a function of the mixture proportion, type of coarse and fine aggregate, supplementary cementitious material (SCM), chemical admixture dosage, etc.

Predicted properties include strength development (1-to-90 days), lab curves, shrinkage, slump, set time, etc.

Reducing concrete cost

Concrete-AI automatically refines an existing reference concrete formulation to minimize its cost while maintaining constant strength.

Reducing the cost of concrete mixes
Prescription of optimal mix designs
Reducing concrete embodied CO2

Concrete-AI optimizes existing concrete formulations to minimize their embodied CO2 while maintaining constant strength and cost.

Prescription of optimal mix designs

Concrete-AI enables the automated prescription of optimal concrete mix designs featuring minimum cost while meeting tailored performance targets and satisfying tunable mix constraints.

Prescription of optimal mix designs

Concrete-AI uses the power of
big data and machine learning
to leapfrog concrete design.

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Meet the team

Alex Hall



Alex Hall is a multifaceted global executive who has a deep experience in the concrete and construction industry with a focus on process efficiency and profitability, sustainability, and scalability for growth.

Mathieu Bauchy


Associate Professor

Mathieu Bauchy is an expert in machine learning and materials modeling.

Gaurav Sant



Gaurav Sant is an expert in cement and concrete science.

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